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Necessary information for repairing ECU

To contact us with a faulty control unit, you need to collect and provide the following information.

1. Check the following on the registration certificate or vehicle passport (PTS):
2. Remove the ECU from the car - independently or ask the diagnostician to do it.
Record all data from the block label or take a photo.
3. Save the data obtained in the diagnosis of auto:

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Perform repair of electronic control units ECU digester ECM and PCM, transmission TCM, repair of dashboards, restore the electronic control units of the pump, ABS, BCM heaters Webasto and Eberspacher. We repair and restore the ECU of most manufacturers.

To contact us with a defective control unit you need collect and provide the following information.

Contact us +7 (987) 507-21-47 or email ecurepair@avtomechty.ru and get a consultation on the issue of repair control units of cars.

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